After the publication of Catalogue raisonné, curated by Bruno Corà (Silvana Editoriale, 2008), the activity of the Opera Archive Giuseppe Uncini has continued the scientific work of research, cataloging, authentication and coordination of exhibitions and publications of the works of the Master. The numerous data collected in recent years have made it necessary to integrate the Catalogue raisonné through an online publication: thanks to its nature of work in progress, it will allow periodic updates to make whole Giuseppe Uncini’s work and the activity of Archive more precise, complete and available to the public.

The project, conducted starting from a digitalized archive, presents the scientific publication of the Maestro's sculptural works archived after 2008, and therefore excluded from the publication of the Catalogue raisonné. As in this last publication, the file of each work presents the image of the work, the caption (archive code, title, year, series, technique, dimensions, autograph elements), the exhibitions and publications, as well as the citation of the property.

In addition to the presentations of these works, which cover a time span from 1955 to 2008, and of updates exhibitions and pubblications, the errata corrigenda of Catalogue Raisonné is published.

Following this first integration, the project aims to publish all of the Maestro's complete work, presenting not only the sculptural and pictorial production already published in 2008, and in any case updated with the new information collected in recent years, but also on paper, making all the complexity and richness of Giuseppe Uncini's work available to the public.

Through this online publication, easily accessible by all professionals, collectors and enthusiasts, the Archive aims to interface more with all these network of people to obtain more information, updates and any corrections on the sheets of individual works, especially those whose location is unknown.